Mykola Sheremeta

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Mykola Sheremeta
Mykola Sheremeta


Mykola Sheremeta was born 22nd of Mai 1992 in vilage Bokiyma (Rivne reg.), Ukraine.

He started to play accordion  when he was 8 years old. His first teacher was Ludmila Fedorova. She is one of the most famous teacher in Rivne region. She has a lot of great students who became a very nice musician. During studying at the children music school he played original accordion music and he took part on the region competition in the Rivne city where he got First Prize.


2005 - First Prize on Region accordion competition in Rivne City

2007 -First Prize on Region accordion competition in Rivne City

In 2007 study at theRivne music college. It was a few tipping points there.Together with a pieces written for accordion he start to play more transcription of classical music.It is transcriptions pieces of Bach, Scarlatti, Vivaldy, Venyavskiy, Sarasate etc. At the Rivne music college  he studied with one of the best teachers of college Vitaliy Storozhuk. Together they was able to make big and difficult concert program.Also Mykola is playing lot of concerts in the Rivne region. The last year of study in Rivne Mykola Sheremeta recorded his first CD.During his study in Rivne two times he became a winner of ukrainian competition "Provesin" in Kirovograd city. 

2009 - winner on Ukrainian competition "Provesin" (2nd Prize)

2011 - winner of Grand Prix on Ukrainian competition "Provesin"

After study at the Rivne music college started to study at the National Music Academy of Ukraine Chaykovskiy name. His teacher was Mykola Davydov. At the academy he played lot of transcription of classical music og Mykola Davydov and others. It was a first attempt  to write own transcription for accordion.

2011-2015 - studied National Music Academy of Ukraine(Kiev) to the class of prof. Mykola Davydov

2013 - winner of the international competition "Perpetuum mobile" in Drogobych(Lviv reg.) (2nd Prize)

2013 - took part of the international competition "Delphic Games" in Novosibirsk(Russia)

2014 - tookpart of the international competition in Sanok(Poland)

After four years study at the Academy during beginning of  difficult political situation in Ukraine he decided to apply to Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo(Norway) and he got invitation on the audition after that. The audition was great and he passed at the Academy.He  started to play contemporary music there but transcription of classical music keep in the first priority.He participates in many concerts in Oslo and regions.It is solo concerts with own transcription, and also concerts with students Norwegian Academy of Music.He had a two greatest teacher there.It is Erik Bergene and Frode Haltli.

2015-2017 - student Norwegian Academy of Musiс

2017-2018 - working in Oslo as a private accordion teacher. He prepare and play concerts with his wife Vira Sheremeta(violin). Also making transcriptions for accordion and ensembles with accordion.